Strategies For Mobile Games Marketing

Mobile games are today facing a fierce competition where everyone is uploading a game on almost all the platforms for getting as many downloads as they possibly can. Humungous amount of opportunities are left to the gamers who would download the game and enjoy playing it but amidst all this the game developer really want to promote the game at a level which could pay off his hard work, thus people have started promoting their games so that they can achieve their download targets and get popular. Getting a good number of downloads is not all about having a very good user-friendly and thrilling game but it is also about having the right strategy for the promotion in place. Here in this post, we will reveal five such strategies which can turn your downloads as high as you’d never imagine.


Video Promo

Gamers or even the non-gamers do not like much to read about the game you have made, and just imagine how absurd it would be for a gamer to read how the graphics are going to work out and how the game works, they would rather not read and never download than to watch a video and might download. So your best bet anyway is to have a sweet and short movie-like video which demonstrates the core of your game the best features of your game and is fully graphically optimized. Graphics matter a lot to the gamers after-all. So make a YouTube video channel and upload your videos there and share the links of those videos in your game’s description.

Promotion Gets Better On Promotional Platforms

While the developer should focus on developing a good, thrilling, user-friendly game with various features, he should leave the work of promotion to these promotional platforms who charge very little and they bring organic traffic for your game, these promotional platforms have registered users who love to search games on these platforms because of easy navigation with ratings and features along with promo videos. These platforms can fetch you a good number of downloads in just a matter of short time.

Get Your Game A Number of Homes

It is needless to say that the more places your app is around the more visibility it would bring which would result in more downloads. So having your games in Play-stores is a must to have but even more important is to have your own website where your games can be reviewed in and out which would help gamers to understand your game better and will surely revisit for new games if they liked your last game. To have your gamers engaged you can have your forum where all the gamers can talk about different strategies.

Use Social Media

A very common yet important strategy to promote your games, everyone is present on social media today which gives you the best opportunity to have your network know about your game, make a Facebook page which has all updates about your games and have all the videos shared as well, share the links to Play-stores and to your website so that people can easily download your games. Make sure you do all this on the very first day of the launch as that is when your game is at its most visibility on the search engines, so make sure your social media marketing is always in place.


Game Reviews
Most of the gamers visit sites which review the games from its features to its attention seeking points to its graphics, so make sure you make a very good game in the first place and the next thing that you want to do is get yourself registered on these websites and have yourself reviewed. Make sure you integrate those reviews and ratings on your website and mention the links to the reviews in your YouTube description box.
All the five tips are to be integrated for the best result, here signing off marketing doctor for your games, post your questions for solutions.