The practice of Social Media among Global Businesses

Social Media has lot of impact on the Global businesses due to its excellent and intrinsic features. Global businesses that are well focused and understand the importance of social media have always been effective in reaching their customers quickly. The also achieve these results at very low cost compared to traditional methods of marketing. The increase in the sale of gadgets like mobile phones, tabs, etc. and the overall usage of the Internet globally has paved a great way for the businesses to showcase themselves through social media. Present marketing trends have undergone a lot of changes with the beginning of Social Media. SOCIAL MEDIA

  • Each country has its own culture, language and style. Global companies typically recruit Social Media Managers from only those countries in which business is practiced. These Social Media Managers understanding of customer’s tastes and preferences enable more successes campaigns.
  • Social Media is growing aggressively and will continue growing in the future. Since it is very easy to use and very effective tool for presenting products and services.
  • Global companies are focusing more on social media than their website because social media tools are sometimes more effective than a website in generating business and interest.
  • From the customers point of view the customer gets the latest updates from the companies and can better understand it through social media videos, images, content etc.
  • From management point of view it is very easy to understand what type of products and services are well liked by the customers
  • Unique Social Media Content that follows a businesses’ brand effectively can positively reinforce a company’s image.
  • Social Media team focuses on Reach, Engagement, Growth of Likes, Leads and ultimately to Sales.
  • With the effective use of social Media it is very easy to know about your target customers.
  • Social Media helps a company receive instant feedback from their customers