Tips to Grow Your Business using Twitter

1. Monitor Your Name and Brand Use the search feature in twitter to find who is talking about you and your products. If you find a tweet that is something nice about your company, immediately thank them. If it is really good, ask if you can use that as a testimonial on your site. If you come over a situation wherein someone has suggested something, try to implement it and let them know that is fixed. Get to know if they are happy after making changes. If so, ask them to share it on Twitter. Always remember that it’s not about a single customer because the entire online community must be watching you. 2. Expand your Network Try and find out people who talk about a keyword which relates to your market and follow them. They will also follow you back and unfollow those who don’t. Get to know the information about authorities in your market and follow the people following them. Make use of directories such as Twellow and WeFollow to find people relating to your market and always remember that it’s all about getting quality followers but just not increasing the count. 3. Attract users to Follow You Always include Twitter link on you website, blog, email signature, and business cards. The highest the visibility, the more followers you will acquire. 4. Have a balance between people following you and you following others It is very important to balance your twitter account. There should be a balance between you following others and others following you. If you follow lot number of people and very few follow you, you will be seen as a spammer. If a lot follow you and you don’t them then it is not very nice of you. You can use FlashTweet or FriendOrFollow to balance your ratio. 5. Tweet Often (But Not Too Often) To get the maximum visibility in the social media you need to send more updates to attract user attention. If you don’t tweet very often you may lose online presence and cannot achieve expected results. But if you tweet every often, this may annoy your followers. So, it’s better to send updates when applicable. Frequent monitoring is always good and if you notice the decrease in the count of followers then it indicates your tweets are not interesting them. 6. Help Others Always try to help your follower’s base because many users use this as a forum and ask questions; expecting answers. 7. Use Hash Tags with relevancy A hash tag is a keyword preceded by the pound sign. For example people talking about Online Marketing will include “#Online Marketing” in their tweets so that others who are interested in this topic can find them. You can always use the right hash tags depending upon the relevancy. Using too many hash tags within your tweets may not be appreciated by people.