Traits for a successful Global Business Development Manager

Global Business Development Managers work to generate, expand and develop new opportunities related to their specific businesses and it may vary depending on the industry and the company. An ideal global business development managers’ tasks include; product development marketing, presentation and meeting with new clients.

The manager requires excellent skills in the areas of economics, finance and business administration and should have strategic planning like by following Goals/Objectives, Strategy, Implementation and Evaluation and Measurement.


Some of the traits of Global Business Development Manager include:

  • Global Business development Manager GBDM should be creative by developing new programs and ideas
  • Should be a strong communicator that helps in marketing, management and to convince sales
  • Should be equipped with Vision and Strategy related to the products and customers
  • Should be a team player and be an excellent coordinator
  • Should be self-motivator at all times, as successful professionals are always self-motivated.
  • Should have excellent business domain knowledge and technical skills that will enable more success.
  • Should have humility and adaptability and overall excellent negotiation skills