Typography Trends

typography trends

    1. Handwritten FontsSocial media and the way people use the Internet impacts the use of typography. People come into contact with websites and brands more often that before. With the need to differentiate and be remembered an emphasis on handwritten fonts has emerged.
    2. Flat TypographyFlat design needs a font that compliments the clean design. This style of design places an emphasis on simplicity, minimalism and intelligent design. The fonts that are popular with this type of design are sharp and crisp yet visually interesting.
    3. Mix & Match Typography Designers have so many choices of well-designed fonts. Designers are utilizing several fonts that compliment each other to create a handcrafted look for their websites. These websites are able to keep a polished and purposeful look despite the use of several different elements.
    4. Large TypeIncreased resolutions on screens have made it difficult for smaller fonts to be seen. Designers have to change the size of text to follow this new parameter. Large fonts can also help viewers distinguish information quickly and encourage them to explore their website.