Web Design: Rules of Thumb

When a project goes sour life for both the client and the Designer can become emotionally draining. If you have ever encountered a difficult client or a designer you know that fault can be found on both sides. This is where interpersonal skills are more important then ever.

A client might feel taken advantage of. Even though a client is usually not an expert they do have personal taste, which is valid. If a client has invested in a website they might have lost a lot of time and money and seen little result from it they will have no other choice but to start again.

There are a few things that you should know about Web Design as a client. The following are a list of things that should be kept in mind when evaluating the quality of work and final result.

web design rules

It Doesn’t Have to Shine

A visually appealing website might have a lasting on clients but it is not the most important factor of a website. Understanding websites main function will help define whether it is successful or not. The main function for a businesses’ website is to make it easy and in a logical order find the information they are looking for.

It Doesn’t Need to a Re-design

A re-design might be the last thing your website needs. A website is a portal to a company. Sometimes new copy or a branding overhaul can remedy any issues that appear to be website related. A website also does not operate alone it is a funnel used by various marketing strategy to help people

It Can be Reasonably Priced

If you plan your budget well you can get a website designed and made for a reasonable price. It also can save you a lot of time to find a designer that matches your websites’ image and brand instead of finding someone cheap or who doesn’t naturally fit.

It Can Be Typical (Expected)

Differentiation is usually a defining factor for a competitive website. However it is not the most important factor. If user experience (UX) has not been considered it might turn away more customers than it converts.

Branding is a Unique Skill

Within the realm of Graphic Design there are many sub-categories. Some Designers specialize in packaging and others in web. Not every Designer can fulfill your branding needs and the majorities do not have the experience or training. Branding is also a separate and unique field. It is better to seek someone who is skilled in that area than try to package all of those skills into one freelancer.

Design Is More than Photoshop

A good Graphic Designer understands the psychology behind every decision they make. Every color, every line and dimension that has been decided can have a subconscious impact on the viewer. This is a situation where making decisions are important and the ability to explain them. Situations like this are where Graphic Designers demonstrate their skill level and experience.