• Global SMS Services
    Global Short Message Services

    Short Message Service (SMS): Is a text messaging service utilized on Web, mobile or phones. It allows the exchange of short messages. From an individual standpoint this is a non-issue. Companies that utilize SMS to interact with current and potential customers still encounter several barriers. Locally it is usually an easy and straightforward matter. Going

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  • Graphic Designer Defined
    A Graphic Designer Defined

    Graphic Designers typically fulfill many different functions within a company. The job position is vaguely defined and it can be interpreted many different ways, usually at the discretion of an employer. A Graphic Designer job is to convey a message graphically in an appealing way. The attention to detail and quality of their work makes

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  • web design rules
    Web Design: Rules of Thumb

    When a project goes sour life for both the client and the Designer can become emotionally draining. If you have ever encountered a difficult client or a designer you know that fault can be found on both sides. This is where interpersonal skills are more important then ever. A client might feel taken advantage of.

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