Challenges In Global Branding


Strong brands requires a clear strategic approach to handle the efforts involved in creating strong Global Brand.

Wevio Global Branding

Wevio Global Branding

Economic Assistance
The main challenge faced by the brand leaders is to focus on the short term returns. Brand is a long
term asset, introduction of price, discount or freebie promotion for initial acceptance of the product may lead to brand dilution and failure in the long run.

Effect of Approving
There must be consistency in quality/performance, if not betterment so as to sustain the growing
complexity of International market in terms of Consumers changing tastes and multiplying competition. The company must continuously innovate and maintain good customer relations though their consumer touches points, so as to create brand loyalty among existing users.

Emotional Appeal
Emotional appeal is essential to communicate the Brand message. Consider the number of media
options available to consumers-200 or more television channels, Internet, Newspaper, magazines.
8.4 Effective Culture Culture refers to how people in a society interact, what they believe. How they make decisions and what meanings they attach to certain representations. Cultures are not static, but develop through intergenerational and interpersonal learning and experience.

Economic, Legal and Political conditions
Condition implies the Economic, Legal and Political conditions prevailing in a foreign market. Law
related to Advertising content, product specifications, distribution options, etc vary from one country to another. The Economic condition in UK made LG play down its tagline ‗Life is Good‘ in Advertisements due to recent credit crunch.

Efficient distribution channel
Formation of distribution channel alliances in a foreign market. A distribution channel decision is vital
and rigid, that it expensive to change, once decision is made.


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