The Launch of

This site was one of the most enjoyable websites I’ve designed so far. Not only because I’m a shopaholic and love looking at fashion clothing, but loved developing the brand of this particular site. “Sparkling Closet” is an online shopping outlet for the latest designer clothes for the ladies primarily looking for dress wear as well as high end boutique-like fashion brands. The inspiration of the design came from the goal of keeping it simple yet sexy and feminine. There was no other color to express this better than black, and black never gets old. The brand was very similar to the clothing brands of “Zara” and “Club Monaco” that also use the black and white design aesthetics. Some of my favorite elements of the website include the sparkling effects on the splash page once you first land on the website and the sparkling of the menu items at the top. The flash on the homepage was also a great introductory to the store’s style in clothing. The difficult part was actually researching and finding the individual pictures because every picture had to capture each message on the slide accurately through the model’s outfits and actions. After all, it’s only these pictures on the homepage (including the banners on the bottom) are all this website has in terms of portraying the company’s brand. The rest of the pages are all product list pages. I’m very happy with this site and am looking forward to doing more fashion ecommerce sites.