How to Get Conversion from Shopping Ads

How to Get Conversion from Shopping Ads

Shopping ads or product ads are so important today that you just cannot ignore it. You need to have at least a few ads on this specific list. You must have seen the shopping ads appearing on the top-middle of the search engine. When ever you search for a product there appear some items from different e-commerce websites. Those are shopping ads which are quite expensive and thus you want to good conversion from shopping ads. It is in your hands up to some extent. In this article, I will tell you how to increase that conversion rate.

#1 Keep the Most Competitive Item that you Offer

Advertise a product that you have a good competitive advantage in. Why am I saying this? You know, to increase the conversion rate from your ads. The item that is offered at a very competitive price fetches the most conversions. You should put that product with this type of advertisement which you can offer in the market at the lowest price. This way your product will be sold the most. Conversion from shopping ads will increase significantly.

Conversion from shopping ads
Conversion from shopping ads, take the full ad space.

#2 Take the Full Ad Space

Take the full window of ads and show all the varieties on the window to increase the conversion rate. People have diversified needs and you cannot change their needs but you can change the ad structure. You will have only your products showcased on the shopping ads bar and your conversion rate will increase. And this way your conversion rate from shopping ads will increase.

#3 Buy Space on Prime Time

People might think that it is expensive to buy ad space for prime time but it is worth. You cannot afford to have your money invested in the ads when nobody is going to click or buy. That will be more of a loss as you only pay for paying not for any conversion and what good is that. Make a wiser choice and invest your hard-earned money where it really needs to be invested. You will end up having a lot higher conversion from shopping ads.

#4 Proper Analysis Leads to Better Conversion

It is very important for you to have a very good and in-depth conversion so that you can place ads at the right time. In-depth analysis of Google Ad Feeds and other reports by Google which give you knowledge. Knowledge of the movement the f audience and how they react at certain times of the day. You can chalk out your ad plan on the basis of proper analysis. This will lead to an increase in the conversion from shopping ads.

#5 Clear Content

Because the ad column is very small you need to tell the product’s name clearly with proper model number. Proper and clear image of the product is also as necessary as any other part of the content. Your ad should stand out to make the best out of your ads, they should redirect to big e-commerce sites like Amazon. People are brand loyal today and they would buy something from Amazon at a higher price than they will from your not-so-popular web site. If you can keep up with all this your conversion from shopping ads will increase