Features that are must for an ecommerce website

We all know that internet is the media where more people stay for various purposes. So this place being the most happening thing, it is used as the information hub and marketing place. Based on this many business owners are creating websites to sell products online called as ecommerce sites. So when setting up an ecommerce website there needs to be many features embedded in to it so that it becomes strong from sales point of view. Below are the few features that cannot be by bypassed when building website particularly to sell. Search Box: The main purpose of it is to search the contents of the site and show the results. Allowing a space for this on your ecommerce website will certainly enable visitors to quickly search for products they are looking for and find it easily. Featured products: It would be the best idea to keep informed or showcase the featured products on the very first page of your website – that is the home page. You can design the page in such a way that allows you to display the products which are on sale and products with discounts so as to grab the customer’s attention. Related products: Customers might know the products related to the one they are viewing. However, by showcasing the related products with nice headings might lure the customer and make them purchase more than one item and that is what expected by a business owner or the website that is ought to do. Newsletter Subscription: It will be good idea to keep informed about the updates on the products to your customers. For this allow the customer to key in their email address. In other way having the database of the users list will enable you in running marketing campaigns. Product zoom: Build some features such as zoom in to your website so that it enables the users to have a look at the products very closely because this brings the feel of touch before they make any purchase. Apart from this the same feature also enables them to look in to the details of it. Categories: Search box definitely enables the users to find a particular product. But if you have all the products listed in categories then the website would become very interactive. Make sure you always display these categories in the top or on the side columns so that it would become easy for them to find and access. Good Navigation: It is treated extremely important for any ecommerce website. Having proper navigation allows to access different sections of the site simultaneously. Moreover, provide a quick link to the shopping cart so as to make easy for customers. Good Payment Gateway: Always choose the payment gateway remembering your customers. Because this needs to assure and provide them the ultimate comfort while making purchases. Privacy Policy: It’s a must to display the link to privacy policy at the bottom of your website so the users can find and understand it. Good Return Policy: When buyers find the return policy is good they actively participate in transactions having the belief that if something goes wrong they can always exchange the products. A good return policy in one way encourages the customers and helps in boosting sales. Customer login and Registration: Provide an option for the customers to get registered with you. Having once registered will not make them to enter the billing details again and again while making purchases. This is where you can give complete flexibility to the customers allowing them to save time. Good Graphics: To attract the visitors on your website, it definitely needs great web design consisting of graphic images and banners. Displaying the products in the form of banners makes the customers click on it and know the details and can later attract them to make a purchase. Delivery Information: It’s a very good practice to keep informed about the delivery of the products with your customer. This includes the delivery time and shipment mode. By this you can set the customers’ expectations of when they can expect the products. News and Events: This is the column where you can post the updates regarding your company. Doing this can build the relationship between you and your customers. Generally, customers are eager to know the latest updates happening in your company, so this is how you can share the information regarding the new products and other news related to your online business. Social Media Presence: Social media being a boom in the online space, you need to let your customers know that you are available on networking sites too. So having the logos of networking sites will allow them share information instantly, thus the brand popularity can be build.